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Our Story

  "Fresh from the hive since 1985" is our motto. We have no hidden agenda. With over 40 years of experience in the honey & pollination world, we have experienced it all. From a young age, Alan Mikolich kept bees in his backyard.  He was introduced to beekeeping through 4H club in Chula Vista as a young boy. His passion transpired as he became an adult working alongside family friends in San Diego in his teens.

Alan Mikolich, age 9, with his first beehive in San Diego

  In 1985, Alan made the decision to go independent. He had been working under other beekeepers and felt like it was time to venture off on his own. They started their own company while pregnant with their third child. During this year Mary lost her job so the pressure was on! Over the years, their children spent many summers extracting honey and helping with bee work. From time to time, you may see them helping customers at our local farmers' markets.



Alan Mikolich, age 14, inspecting hives in Julian, CA.

   Fast forward 25 years,  their daughter became involved in the family operation. She was able to shift a majority of our product direct to consumer and in the local marketplace. We work hard to promote small businesses, and are proud to work with some of the best local chefs, restaurants, bakeries, breweries, and retailers in America's Finest City. We also have been honored to receive two 1st place awards for our honey at the Good Food Awards in San Francisco, CA. 



Alan and Mary Mikolich showcasing their honey at

the 2015 Good Food Awards in San Francisco!

Twin Hive.jp2

  The Mikolich Family has been a Member of the Sioux Honey Association Co-Op for many years. Alan he has served on the Board of Directors for both Sioux Honey Association and the California State Beekeepers Association.  He is actively involved in organizations like the California State Beekeepers Association, American Beekeeping Federation and formerly participated the San Diego Beekeeping Society.



  The shift in todays honey industry is rapidly changing the way we look at our business. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality honey available. At a time when there is a loss of transparency and trust in the commercial marketplace, we work hard to provide a clear and simple explanation regarding our operation. From Temecula through San Diego County, we have several locations that provide us with seasonal floral sources. We do everything in our nature to ensure safe and sustainable bee practices. 





Alan Mikolich performing a routine hive inspection

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