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What is raw honey?


While there is no official U.S. federal definition of “raw” honey, it generally means honey that has not been heated or filtered. We do not flash heat or pasturize our honey, as this destroys the natural enzymes, flavor and medicinal properties.


All of our honey is extracted in its natural liquid state. We cut open the capped honeycomb, and send it through a chamber that spins it out of the frame by centrifugal force. Sometimes we are fortunate to cut comb straight out of the box when there is a good honey flow.




Why buy from the beekeeper?


When you buy from the beekeeper, you can trust that your honey is coming straight from the source! In addition to quality, we offer unique, seasonal varieties of honey that deliver a taste unlike anything else! Beekeepers and bees are an integral part in the ecosystem of food production. Bees help us to pollinate 1 out ot every 3 foods we eat.




Why does honey come in different colors?


Honey comes in many colors and flavors - these are called honey varietals and they are determined by the type of flowers the bees visited for nectar. Some are light and sweet; others are dark and bold. Each honey has its own unique flavor profile based on the type of flower it has visited to pollinate.





 Why has my honey crystallized?


 Pure raw honey never spoils, but will crystallize over time. There are a few varietals (like Black Sage or Tupelo typically crystallize very slowly, if ever. This is a natural process that happens, and can be reversed with gentle heat. To revert to liquid, place your jar or bottle in a hot water bath and let it sit until liquified. 



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