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Our most popular varietal, Wildflower Honey! This years harvest follows the "Superbloom" from the late spring of 2023. Thousands of wild flowers that bloomed like Lupines, Poppies, Wild Sage and Wild Mustard created this magnificent honey. This mulitfloral harvest has a bright gold color similiar to our "California Gold" honey from previous years. 


This honey is light and mild with a floral profile. You can expect to taste a warm and gentle aroma of the nectar. It is one of the best wildflower harvests in recents years!  


This honey comes from several locations in both San Diego & Temecula.


  • Our Wildflower honey received our first Good Food Award in 2015!

    This honey is a pure classic. More traditional in flavor with a gentle sweetness that is perfect for a variety of uses. Wildflower is a great honey to eat for seasonal allergies. 

    Try in:

    • tea
    • yogurt
    • coffee
    • baked goods
    • cheese boards
    • oatmeal
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