Raw Honey

   When you buy a bottle of Mikolich Family Honey, we are confident that you will recognize the difference in the quality and flavor! Unlike commerically packaged honey, our seasonal varietals are not flash heated, pasturized, or fine filtered. We extract and bottle our honey in its raw form: liquid. We gently strain the honey through a cheese cloth for harmful pieces that can sneak past extraction, like bee particles or stingers. 



   Raw honey is known for its natural healing properties. In addition, it is an ample source of local pollen which can aid with seasonal allergies. Honey is the only natural sweetener that contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that are beneficial for your body!  



   We are proud beekeepers! Long before the farmers markets, we have been producing honey that often ended up on supermarket shelves amongst many others nationwide. In order to sell directly to you, we are certified annually by the California Department of Agriculture which has strict regulations and guidelines. 



   Springtime rainfall is crucial to produce a honey crop, no rain means no honey! The honeybees produce different varieties depending on the location of hives, and the time of year.  Climate, floral source, and season will produce a specific flavor and color of nectar. This is how we end up with a range of honey!



   Aside from having enough spring rainfall, there are other challenging factors that affect our honeybees and honey production. We have yet to defeat our biggest obstacle of all, the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) or the Varroa Mite. We, along with many other beekeepers across the nation, have seen significant losses over the past few years because of mite damage and pesticides. We have donated hives to the UCSD research team in efforts of finding a solution to this worldwide epidemic.