Mikolich Honey is made from a variety of locations between Temecula and San Diego County. All of our honey is 100% RAW. It is completely natural, made from organic wildflowers or crops rich with pollen, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals.



We consider our honey to be "Raw," meaning we do not pasteurize or fine filter our honey. We extract honey and bottle it in its raw form, liquid. We lightly strain the honey for harmful pieces that can sneak through extraction like bee particles or stingers. You can catch our latest varietals at the farmer's market!



We are certified annually by the California Department of Agriculture, which has strict regulations and guidelines  in order to sell our honey.



Springtime rainfall is crucial to produce a honey crop, no rain means no honey! We produce different types of honey by placing the bees into various locations of wildflowers or crops during their season. This is creates a color and taste variance between each location and variety of floral source.



Aside from having enough spring rainfall, we face other challenging environmental factors that have tremendously affected our honeybees and honey production. We have yet to defeat our biggest obstacle of all, the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) or the Varroa Mite. We, along with many other beekeepers across the nation, have seen significant losses over the past few years because of mite damage. We have donated hives to the UCSD research team in efforts of finding a solution to this worldwide epidemic.


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